Wednesday, April 27, 2011

article logoSpeed up your Windows XP that never happen before

Pursue Some tricks we can make our Windows more faster that never happen before and usually these all are unnecessary for each time. Some features are usually for only looking attractive.
Optimizing Display Settings
Windows XP mostly like for its visual interface. We do not interfere that but on this visualization has more extra feature that does not need ever without wasting system resource. Lets see how we can disable it-
1. Go to Start Menu
2. Click Setting.
3. Click Control Panel
4. Click System.
5. Go Advance Tab
6. Click Setting under Performance group
7. Off only the following ticked
 * Show Shadows under Menu
 * Show Shadows under Mouse Pointer.
 * Show Translucent Selection Rectangle
 * Use drop shadows for icons labels on desktop.
 * Use visual style on windows and buttons

Disable Indexing services
Indexing service is a small program that uses a large amount of RAM and Often it makes computer totally endless slow. This services process all of your file that have on your computer listed in and put them an index. When your search something on computer, it will easy for system to find that file from scanning this index list. But its no more time to take for search without indexing. So its an unnecessary service for Windows XP. Lets see how it can be disable...
1. Go Start
2. Click Setting
3. Click Control Panel
4. Double Click Add/Remove Programs
5. Click Add/Remove windows components.
6. Uncheck the indexing services.
7. Click Next and Enjoy.

Speed up Folder Browsing
We may noticed that every time when we open my computer, it will take few minutes. This is because windows XP search network files and printers every time. It's unnecessary. To fix this and browsing computer folder smoothly to take the following
1. Open My Computer.
2. Click Tools Menu
3. Click Folder Options
4. Click on the view tab
5. Uncheck the Automatically search Network Folders and printers check box
6. Click Apply & Ok
7. Reboot your computer.


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