Tuesday, April 16, 2019

article logoICC Cricket WorldCup 2019

Download this amazing cricket score sheet which has created on Microsoft Excell. Update each and every match score, over, wicket and keep your team updation on track with you. It will work automatically. It will show your Time zone time on scheduled date and time. No need to change anything.

Here is a Sample look :
After Download the main Excel File, Open it and enable macro to work the worksheet properly.

Download Link>>

Monday, September 10, 2012

article logoHow to partition a drive without loosing data

Partitioning a hard drive without loosing data can be done by right clicking on the mouse. Personally I made it in Windows 7, and aslo try in Vista, both are successful. But I don't know its possible or not in Windows XP. Hopefully it will be possible in XP also.

For doing this action you need to login as administrator in your computer. Then go to Start menu and right click on your "My computer" and select MANAGE.

Computer Management Dialogue will come. From this box select 'Disc management' under Storage, indicated by red arrow in the picture.

Monday, November 14, 2011

article logoCreate your fan page on Google+

Google+ fan page is like as Facebook fan page. Google plus gives you this opportunity to create a fan page for your web site, product, hotel, restaurant, local business, products or brands, company, music or TV.
You can create a Fan page for your customer, follower or fans for hangout to your branding.
Click Here for creating a Google+ page 

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

article logoWrite Protect your USB Device without any software

Now protect your USB device or other USB device for transferring file from your computer. For security reason I am sharing this to you. This tricks able to help you and nobody does not transfer any file from your PC to any kind of Storage device. So, I hope that it’s must be help you.

Follow the below steps for Enable write protect:
  • Go to your Run option and write “regedit”
  • Now click “Ctrl+F” for find
  • Written the Find box “Storagedevicepolicies” and press Enter
  • Now Click the Write Protect option from the Right side and click to Modify it.
  • Change the Value data 0 to 1
You are done. If you don’t wanna to do this things then just cope the below code and paste it to your Notepad and save it to “writeenable.reg” this names. Then just double click it.

Monday, October 24, 2011

article logoSolve Windows XP Restart Problems

The root of a Windows XP shutdown problem can be traced to several issues. Windows as an operating system has been stable at best but is known to have many problems within its shell. One of the possible problems that can occur is a damaged exit sound file. If your Windows was recently installed or there was a problem in the install process, then there might be a hiccup in the shutdown process.

Some technicians actually have identified the problem as starting from either a problem with hardware devices or the problem with a recent hardware install. When you try to troubleshoot the problem of Windows shutdown, make sure you have initial fail safes that Windows has installed turned off. A good way to troubleshoot this problem would be to log onto Windows in ‘safe’ mode and see if there are any hardware device driver conflicts that you can resolve. Sometimes, bad command lines or orphan keys in the registry can cause Windows to lock and restart itself, or even hang. So you see, resolving a windows XP shutdown problem is not at all that difficult. If you have a basic understanding on how to use your computer and how it operates, you should be able to resolve a Windows XP shutdown problem without having to engage the services of a professional computer technician.