Wednesday, February 2, 2011

article logoHow to Remove Windows Genuine Advantage WGA

Windows Genuine Advantage is a software anti-piracy program started by Microsoft in 2005. It enforces the online validation of some of the Microsoft products. It is automatically installed if Windows Automatic Updates are enabled. If goes to the Windows Update site, it will ask you for installing this validation tool before you can select the updates from the Microsoft update website. By accepting to install this validation tool, anActiveX component in Internet Explorer is installed.

If, for some reason, this tool fails to validate your Windows, then it’ll always show you a warning that you may be a victim of software counterfeiting and that your Windows is not genuine. It will show up on your logon screen and make you wait for some seconds. And when you logon, it will just site in your status bar and will keep annoying you.
To Remove this tools from logon screen and also status bar Its need to Validate your windows or other hand Re-installing the Windows.