Friday, May 6, 2011

article logoHow to add scroll Message on Blogger Title Bar

Adding Scrolling Message on Blog Title & Browser Title bar are simple an easy steps.
First log in your account. Go to Design>>Edit HTML
Now Find this code below :
Above/befor this code Paste the below code:

<script type='text/javascript'>
msg = "Your Message goes here";
msg = " ....." + msg;pos = 0;
function scrollMSG() {
document.title = msg.substring(pos, msg.length) + msg.substring(0, pos); pos++;
if (pos > msg.length) pos = 0
Put your Message on "Your Message goes here" & Enjoy! the scrolling on taskbar & titlebar.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

article logoSSC Examination 2011 Results will be publishe on 10th May

SSC examination 2011 Results under Bangladesh Education board will be published on 10 May, 2011 at around 12 PM (Bangladesh Time). As declare of Education Board Bangladesh the SSC 2011 results will be available on their websites.

Education Board Banner

Bangladesh Education Board already gets full preparation to publishe this results. The information of S.S.C and Dakhil result 2011 in Online of Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Comilla, Barisal, Jessore, Dinajpur, Sylhet, Madrasah and Technical board will be published in a days. Ministry of Education, Government of Bangladesh will conform that they will be published this SSC result 2011 around 8, 9 and 10 May, 2011.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

article logoSpeed up your Windows XP that never happen before-2

If you give your pagefile a fixed size it saves the operating system from needing to resize the page file.
1. Right click on My Computer and select Properties
2. Select the Advanced tab
3. Under Performance choose the Settings button
4. Select the Advanced tab again and under Virtual Memory select Change
5. Highlight the drive containing your page file and make the initial Size of the file the same as the Maximum Size of the file.
Windows XP sizes the page file to about 1.5X the amount of actual physical memory by default. While this is good for systems with smaller amounts of memory (under 512MB) it is unlikely that a typical XP desktop system will ever need 1.5 X 512MB or more of virtual memory. If you have less than 512MB of memory, leave the page file at its default size. If you have 512MB or more, change the ratio to 1:1 page file size to physical memory size.

Your desktop background consumes a fair amount of memory and can slow the loading time of your system. Removing it will improve performance.
1. Right click on Desktop and select Properties
2. Select the Desktop tab
3. In the Background window select None
4. Click Ok

Fonts, especially TrueType fonts, use quite a bit of system resources. For optimal performance, trim your fonts down to just those that you need to use on a daily basis and fonts that applications may require.
1. Open Control Panel
2. Open Fonts folder
3. Move fonts you don’t need to a temporary directory (e.g. C:\FONTBKUP?) just in case you need or want to bring a few of them back. The more fonts you uninstall, the more system resources you will gain.