Saturday, April 9, 2011

article logoHow to Install Windows XP More Faster

This is a simple tricks to Installing Windows XP in 10-15 Minutes. It will very helpful those who frequently install windows XP. Generally we see that XP Installation takes more than 39 Minutes and its' goes absolutely true when your computer RAMs are minimum. These simple steps are for those type of user who watns to reduce the OS XP Installation time.
Now I'll teach you these simple steps :
1. Insert an XP Bootable CD/DVD on your ROM
2. Reboot your system. It's will automatic ask to boot from CD/DVD ROM. Press any key.
3. Format your destination drive and setup will automatically loaded all necessary file.
4. As soon as the 256 Color part is complete and gone away you will enter the Graphical User Interface (GUI) area as like as below screen.
5. Now Press SHIFT + F10 key together. Command promt will appear.
6. Type 'taskmgr' (without qoutation) and hit Enter Button. Now You can see like below Image.
7. Click the processes Tab and Select "Setup.exe". Right Click on Setup.exe and set priority "High". Initially It will be "Normal"

Now the tricks are complete and see how long time will take to Installation Windows XP


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