Saturday, April 23, 2011

article logoHow to add feedburner Email subcription on blogger

You might have seen lots of blogs are using email subscription option to their readers. It can happen that your friend using feedburner email subscription widget to his/her blog, and you are looking for a help to add email subscription option to your blog.
 Here you will find about adding an email subscription widget to your blog from feed burner. These are easy steps to follow:
  • First of all and before anything, you'll need a FeedBurner account. To create an account, just click here. If you have already google account, that case it will be easier for you. Otherwise you can use other email address to open an account from FeedBurner.
  • If you are a new FeedBurner user, you'll need to burn your feed first. 
  •  Now you have burned a feed for your blog. Usually you'll not require to follow this step. It will automatically take you to Next step. But still if not, that case just click on your feed title, it will look like as below image.
  • Now click on your feed link above and then click on the publicize (Marked as 1) link from your feed burner dashboard.

  • Then Click Email Subcription (Marked as 2).
  • Select your language and Copy this code shown in below image.

  •  Now the Final Step. Go to your Blogger Dashboard>Design
  • Add a Custom HTML Holder and Paste these code. Save your template & done!
Feed burner lets you to add this widget directly to your blogger blog by following -
Below the HTML Code holder you will find a combo box. Click the drop down arrow and select Blogger. then press Go. It will go automatically to your blogger account and inserted this widget.


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    great tip!! wiill be very helpful! thanks ! :D


    Christian said... My Blog Haven[Reply]My Blog Haven

    Nice post! Cleared explanation. Good thing that feedburner is now integrated in Google which make it easy to install.

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