Monday, November 14, 2011

article logoCreate your fan page on Google+

Google+ fan page is like as Facebook fan page. Google plus gives you this opportunity to create a fan page for your web site, product, hotel, restaurant, local business, products or brands, company, music or TV.
You can create a Fan page for your customer, follower or fans for hangout to your branding.
Click Here for creating a Google+ page 

For Creating a Page you need to perform few step action. It's very easy.
Click on Google+ page tab on the right site panel marked as red box indicated Arrow. You will see as like as below image.
Click any of these category by your choice and your capability. Here are some options-
1. Local Business or Place : Hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services etc.
(a) For this category set your location and Phone Number (mandatory).
(b) Don't worried about phone match or don't match, click set location.
(c) Set all option at your needed.
2. Product or Brand : Apparel, Cars, Electronics, Financial Services etc. Sub-categories available.
3. Company, Institute, Organization : All about company, organization, Institute or Non-Profited Organization etc. There have sub-categories also.
4. Arts, Entertainment or Sports : All about Arts, Movies, Songs, Sports etc. It has sub-categories.
5. Others : If your page doesn't suite any of above, Select this category.

At last set your page title, web address, sub-category and user access level. By accepting google plus TOS click   CREATE  and you are Done!