Monday, December 6, 2010

article logoMetacreation : KPT Vector Effects 1.5 (Plugins for Illustrator)

KPT Vector Effects 1.5 is a fantastic plug-in. It adds so much more creativity to Illustrator that I have to contemplate how I ever lived without it before.

The interface is very simple and easy to follow, user friendly indeed. And if you are really uncertain how to use this veritable treasure chest of effects, it comes equipped with a PDF file. The plug-in program is otherwise very self-explanatory.

The opportunities for variety are endless making this plug-in a valuable asset to any Illustrator/designer. The fun part about it is that once you discover an effect you like, you can then go and apply another effect on top of that. Some plug-ins for Illustrator won't let you do that. It certainly cuts down design time as well.

With 3D Emboss, once you have applied the emboss effect, you can delete the original artwork and maintain the emboss only. You can do this with Neon also. You're not locked into any set effect which is wonderful. Just about every effect is manipulative after applying it. Something else this program has which I was unable to capture are a variety set designs you can choose from.

Below I have given you some examples as well as the menu so that you can see some of the effects you can obtain using KPT Vector Effects. There's no way, of course, that I can show you everything, you'll just have to buy it to see all the awesome things it can do. If you go to MetaCreations site, you'll also be able to see more creative ways in which to use this plug-in.

These are extremely valuable plug-ins for Illustrator with infinite versatility. I highly recommend this program for any serious Illustrator user. As for myself, I prefer Illustrator as a drawing program over any others, and having these plug-ins just makes me that much more enthusiastic.


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